monday afternoon

How was your weekend everyone? My work is terribly different from normal office hours work, so monday is my off and it changes every week. Glad that I can always count on Harold like driving me for my groceries and keeping me companied during my off. So after running for my groceries went home to help my best friend unpacked her things cause she decided to moved with me, after that Harold picked me up again to catch up with a friend who lives in KL, Malaysia for early dinner. We went to our favorite Bar/resto in East Coast area called OneTwentySix its near the beach it has nice breeze and imagine a small country like Singapore we still have trees and nice park! pretty cool huh? ;)
It's also a day that I finally can use my Balenciaga Box Bag that I got 2days ago. 

Here's what I wore;

Zara basic top
H&M denim jeans
Zara doll shoes
Rayban shades
Hermes Collier De Chien
Balenciaga Box 

Photo from my Instagram and iPhone

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