beach in asia: See you in 5days; Bali!

I feel the need to post my beach experience here in Asia, Im really a fan of beach bumming though Im naturally tan I always have the need to experience the sun, sound of the beach, fruit shakes, water activity and if you say beach that should be Asia.So this are all my photos from different country that Ive been to.
The first set is very known island in the Philippines called Boracay Island. Look at the clear water I still can't forget my experience that I have never seen clear water like that, I was standing at the middle of the water level till my breast and I can still see my feet on the ground. Amazing!!

This photos are all taken in Phuket Thailand for sure your heard how beautiful the beach are. Like Boracay its also white sand and clear water. You will absolutely love the place there's a lot of activity you can do there like parasailing, seen diving, simple as hanging out under the sun and cold drinks will absolutely release all your stress. Been there twice and if I will have the chance to come back I will definitely do that.

Singapore is not just a big city just 30mins drive from my place I can get away from all the stress from work its not completely equivalent from other beaches that I've been to but I still enjoy it.

Last time I went bangkok my friend Roland and his girlfriend wanted to eat sea food near the beach, so he drive to patong about 2-3 hour drive from bangkok. 

One of my Favorite beach is located in Bali Indonesia I had so much fun when I went there. The first time is with my colleagues and the last time with friends and my boyfriend its actually a pre-celebration of my bff coming birthday. So I guess my photos can speak lauder then my words.

Im seriously missing the beach right now looking all these photos that I took last 2011-2012. I feel so sick not having it after for a couple of month, So this February me and Harold is trying to be romantic we booked a flight again to Bali this time its just gonna be two of us. Its our romantic celebration of our 1st year together (yea! i know you'll say that too much with the word ROMANTIC) Cant wait to to be there. See you in 5days Bali!!

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