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Hi Lovelies!

Welcome to my blog!

As I started making my instagram (@jamae23) it open me to different kinds of people post of their photos, fashion style to food, places and photography which very interesting and entertaining for my part.
 What actually made me do my on blog is my boyfriend who does blogging as well ( to him its his diary and it doesn't matter if someone reads it. haha.. If you love cars and racing you might wanna check it out.. 

Ok, start introducing myself 

Im Jamae De Gollo but most of my friends call me "JM" cause I always wanted a guy's name,born in the Philippines living in Singapore. I studied Bachelor Science in Nursing for 2years and shifted on my 3rd year To BS-Tourism. 

I know what your thinking! Yea Im hearing it, sounds boring but I will highlight this time cause that was the time that my life turn into  fun exciting  as I discovered modeling. 

From Nursing course which studying human anatomy, physics all that boring stuff changes to Hospitality Management and Tourism major made school for me easier I got bored though after school I have nothing to do. One day I opened the tv and boom they are advertising they needed a girl talents, the following day I went to the studio to attend the casting call surprisingly I got in they even call me up for a second audition. Unfortunately when I told my mom about it she said no but was able to meet people on that audition that leads me to the world of modeling.

A typical tanned skin taller than a normal "pinay" it open doors for me to do modeling here are some of my photos:

collaboration of Christine Day Lorico Photographer and Yeoh Egwaras Caster

Photo by : Darrel Pobre and Yeoh Egwaras Caster

model is describe as a canvas 
 model has to portrait the image you put on it

So a tomboyish girl who wears pink backpack from ugly duckling to  a swan Yes!I will use that word "swan" cause I really feel like I became one. Its one of the thing that I wish for to walk in a runway, pose for a magazine, meet people from fashion industry which actually happened.

Fashion is induced to my blood I eat make up for breakfast, vogue for dinner.I became a slave to fashion.

CSB (College of Saint Benilde) Graduation fashion show

wearing a VJ Floresca Design one of the young Fashion designer 

and it was published in one of the local magazine in the Philippines


Fierce Fierce Fierce strike the pose  thats my life juggling school and modeling  works while active in a school organization as well. I wasn't big time but for me its more of like being my self I took it as a challenge and be the best that I can be. I fail a lot of times but it didn't make me quit.I wasn't that tall enough to be a supermodel but I guess I was able to achieve things that made my life meaningful and happier.

to cut it off went to singapore last january 2011 to experience new life and live independently and to work as well until now I'm still here considered this country as my adopted land.

Meet lot of people including photographers, they ask me if we can do some shoot and yes of course I won't say NO to a shoot its really fun and way to express my self, my style and my passion to fashion.

this is my first shoot in sg 

lead me to another shoot to another photographer to another group

why am I actually doing a blog? Yea you figured it out boredom! plus the love of fashion,art, modeling, food, accessories and all that stuff. In this new world fashion is not a lame thing, everybody wants to dress nicely and YES! don't judge the book by its cover we still need a proper attitude for a beautiful life. 

What Im actually gonna show you is the things that I do ( I love to do). So watch this space as I post accessories that I made, fashion and beauty post, my hobby eating! some part of my closet and don't forget travels specially visiting the beach once in a while.

till then lovelies



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