hues of green

Yesterday we had a company lunch at Shagri-La Hotel Singapore which is held every year, so its like our get away of wearing our uniforms and be able to dress up a bit. I remember some where even asking each other what are they gonna wear. For me I choose the hues of green which is my favorite color and I guess I look good on that color, it compliments my tanned skin. I always wanted a square pants which looks like a boho type. hahaha... well if I didn't wear it with my wedges it would look like a pajama. I had fun goffing around with my friends taking lots of photos the best that we could.
I'll post my dinner experience tomorrow its one of the great bar that I went here in Singapore.
Thanks to carla for the photos.

Here's what I wore;

H&M Top
Zara Pants
Aldo wedge 
Accesorize Necklace
Audemars Piguet Watch
Hermes Collier De Chien
Balenciaga Clutch

Photos that I grab from Carla Anago

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