Happy may23rd for me:)

Its my third time to celebrate my birthday here in Singapore. I remember the first time I was here I was only 23 and now Im turning 26 this year, time flee very fast. I feel like nothing has happened or should I say I feel like for the 25 years in my life its was just a dream and the next morning I wake up Im turning 26. 
Theres a lot of ups and down and every year theres always a drastic change, remember when I was younger every time theres change I get so frustrated and emotional if it turns bad. Its hard for me to control whats inside I cry hard and laugh so hard just to get out that feeling. Only few people really knows who we are or even the person you though who know the real you won't understand you. I still remember my younger days it wasn't as colorful, happy, and easy for me I got a lot of bullies from primary, elementary, high school even to my early college years. Kids can be mean sometimes but college in my university I didn't really expect that its hard for me to get the niche that I wanted and accept me for who I am. Then I realize I have to stand on my own and help my self I change my school my course even the way people call me. Most of my friends are older than me like my dean, nun of the school chapel, even the president of our school they help me to realize that I should believe on my self and it shouldn't be my enemy. Everyone pushes us life pushes us, our parents, our friends, our classmates, workmates everything it just depends on you how you react. Im very emotional as a person don't get me wrong I love life and what life brings to me I made a lot of terrible decisions, some point I can't forgive my self for that but hey! I told my self as long as Im not hurting anyone I think I have to  forgive and forget. 
Im sorry if you thought I forget about you all my best friends close friends in elementary, high school and college its not an excuse but I think distance, our hobbies, goals made us want different things but I  didn't forget you all. Im thankful for all the hugs,laughter, fun, secrets, cries that we shared, thanks to my new friends as well I love you guys.  To my family its my dream to be with you again even though Im living independently now I still hope to do the family thing together, the times that we missed cause we have to do things on our own specially my mother who works in different country just to send us to school and I love you more than word can say, to my parents I love you both and thankful that your together in one country again after a long time. To my siblings sorry for picking up on you when we where younger I wish we could have been closer I love you both. To my loving grandmother your the most greatest gift to us, thank you for taking care of us while our parents is away, I learned a lot from you I can't wait to hug you. To my dearest boyfriend you made me see my self as a beautiful person I love you with all of my heart, thank you for the understanding, acceptance and being my rock. 

Bare with me for being drama queen. 

Happy 26 Birthday to me!!

 thanks to dearest friend for the photo: Van Eisha

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