Mango High Waist Pants/  Forever 21 Tube Top/  Hermes CDC/ Accessorize Ring/  Bershka Pumps

One of my struggle as a new blogger (well, I can't even claim that Im a blogger yet) is writing. I wasn't born to be a writer most of the time I really need some time to think what topic and story I have to tell on my blog.
Now that I just get back from sickness or should I say laziness moment I suddenly miss my blog and  Im really sorry for not updating too much. Im really preoccupied by lots of things. I also wanted to share with you that Im excited for the next stage of my life, finally decided to go back to school again. I  graduated Bachelor of Science in Tourism and a two year course of Nursing and yes, never stop learning! Now, the question is whether to get the course that Im very much into or practical thing to take? hmmmmmm.. really have to think well.
Oh, anyway! This set of photos was taken last february that I participated in Clark Quay and again sorry for the late post, Im overwhelm by all the photos  and sorry if I didn't post everything its too many and its so hard to choose it was all great.
This is actually shoot for a cost for the benefit of my friend joey to help her mom a little in battling cancer. This is my first time to join a massive number of photographer taking photo of me, of us. She invited four models including me and Im going to show you on my next post our group shoots. Its a heart whelming seeing that theres a lot of photographers supported the event,thanks to all the photographers who join and help us and to my co-models Im very happy to finally working with you, to joey we love you and we pray for your mothers health.

Photos by Van Eisha,  Tom Balon and  Ryan Aguila

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