Apple Green

H&M Top// Zara Pants// Balenciaga Clutch// Michael Kors Watch// Prada Shades// Bershka Heels// Chomel stud earrings// Forever21 Panter Ring

This is probably one of my favorite photoshoot I had with my friend Brian.He is really getting better and better every time! Kudos to this set.
You might not see the true color that I'm wearing cause of the editing done but this is so refreshing colors that I pull out from my wardrobe. I can see my self using this top over and over for summer. I really love the acid apple greeny color of the ribbon on this top and knowing that nowadays it doesn't happen that your shoes have to be the same color of your dress excuse me for that I just haven't had enough of the color and I just wanna add a bit more extreme on my feet.
Pairing this top with a pants is my usual early afternoon meet up with harold till late night with friends and yes this is the most safest thing to wear. 

Photos By: Brian Braza


  1. I love this look, great style! You are very beautiful!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Have a great day

    1. hi Olga! thanks for the compliments. yea ill follow you on bloglovin.
      saw your blog and I love it!