Casual Outfit

Zara tee// Witchery Pants// Rayban Shades// CDC Hermes// Chomel Earings// Audemars Piguet Watch// LV Bag// Aldo Wedge

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a tshirt, but the trick is knowing how to accessorise your outfit so that you still look chic.
leopard print scarf is the easiest and the most effortless way spicing out your basic tee,just simply trow it on  to complete almost any outfit.Plain basic tee in neutral shades is wardrobe staple look for loose,fit and interesting texture for more chic style,add instant  elegance to your jeans by pairing up with pumps.
People might not know that I'm a person of minimalist and my favorite casual outfit  is jeans and tee or denim shorts and tee and this outfit that I put on is pretty much basic.
You can still look amazing in just jeans and tee and have fun with it.

Photo by: Brian Braza 

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