Pretty in black!

Forever21 heart corset top and panther ring / Skirt flee market 

This is one of my shoot from my good friend photographer Van, I meet her here in Singapore we establish a good relationship as a model photographer. This is one of the day that we played photo-shooting in her place during our off from work and since where neighbors and its easy for us to just do it once where bored. I always styled and do my make up for my self so even if its just two of us its easy.
Way back two years ago when I was still doing my modeling back home every shoot that I attended there's always a stylish make up artist and I just bring my self and a pair of black shoes just in case and  oh! and always wear black like LBD. My favorites are the body hugging tight LBD's you can wear them like hundred times you just played it with different accessories or different shoes it will give you a houndreds of looks!
This style that I made is just me as a free spirited I feel like a dancer warming up and waiting for my turn. I always dress my self the way I feel,very diverse, depends on the mood and today I feel pretty in black.

Photo by: Van Eisha


  1. amazing photos!
    your eyes look amazing!


    1. thanks lisa! saw your blog and I enjoyed reading it as well.
      followed you on bloglovin.

  2. Replies
    1. hi rochelle fox! saw your blog I love it!
      thanks for the compliments!