Bali; First day "Kudeta"

We took the flight early morning and we arrived about 11am, we can't check in yet so we grab lunch first and after we walked the area near our hotel. One thing that I love about being in Bali is the shops along the street. We also had a bit of walk to the beach nearby then went back to get change and shower for our dinner.
Ok!, the main reason we Flight three hours away to Singapore its because its our First year Anniversary. Me and Harold wanted to be special on that day so we decided to celebrate the first day in Kudeta. Its one of the place that we went to last time where in Bali. We love the oyster but sadly they don't have it on that day. Its also a place to dress up a bit wine dine and watch the sunset very dramatic and romantic for us. haha.. Well, I know that Harold might read this post, I have to say that he did really well on this!! He really tried to be romantic though his the most unromantic person I know "A" for the effort he made, plus the fact that I made him to be my photographer. lol.
I love you babe (if your reading this) and thanks for everything babe... everything! making me laugh and smile everyday and all the cheesy stuff. 

Check on my next post for what I wore for Kudeta dinner!

jamae xoxo

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