Bali; Second day "Potato Head"

Potato Head Beach Club! Very memorable for us. I can't even describe how magnificent watching the sunset from that place. 
We have a lot of things in our mind and things that where picturing ourself to do for our second day then me and Harold decided to just relaxed in Potato Head,its almost our first time in this beach club cause last March last year it was heavily raining when we arrived to this place. We where happy we had the sun when we got there and got excited to remove our cloths and soak up to the pool and sun bathing for Harold which I don't have to. Potato Head Beach Club really made our trip its one of our favorite place now! Our summer came early and pre-Valentines Celebration.
If you want to ask me anything about the place its my pleasure to answer it back!

 Here's what I wore:

Bershka Dress
Audemars Piguet Watch
Prada Shades
Armet/hat from Bali Market
Accesorize Beads Bracelet 
Forever21 Bikini
Cotton On black bra swimwear
Balenciaga Bag


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