Denims Rocks!

Im obsessing about denims lately! They are timeless, from 1500's till now it became gold rush boom that denim took off in 1870's it was then worn by miners and workers. Trend grew when it became popular in American Pop Culture and it was worn by teenagers and young adults and it grew and became more acceptable and truly became a fashion trend all over the world.

When I went to the opening of Carolina Herrera Fashion Show here in Singapore for the AFF annual event I even wore denims and I was asked to pose for Harper's Bazaar for their Bazaar Daily. I had never thought ill get that attention I thought its just a normal photo op for guest who's coming until I saw the Bazaars Daily.

Now, it became a staple to every wardrobe and often key element in seasonal trend and every time it come in new cuts, embellishment and features.

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