First Dive

Haven't been posting for almost 3weeks now cos I was gone back home for 1 week vacation. 

 One of my dreams is to dive to one of the spot in islands of the Philippines. 
So happy knowing that one of my buddies from university and became really close friend Joyce is a professional diver. She's been into diving for almost 2 years. Catch up withe her and decided to dive in Anilao, Batangas 3 hours away drive from Manila.
Its so relaxing just sitting down to car and getting away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, I was excited and nervous thinking  Im gonna live the dream of finally meeting nemo and seeing the underwater world. Im not a good swimmer and I sucks in keeping my breath like remembering the choir practice or even my swimming class, oh noh! I hope I can do it. 
With the help on scuba diver instructor he manage to help me out by a short lesson we did before the diving we tackle how to prevent danger and signs underwater and how will our body adopt the cold water and pressure, patiently watch the video and listen to his lesson and advices. when we finally went down I was stunned on what I see but we also have to do a bit of excises before we go around underneath, and as expected I had a little difficulty breathing its the other way around we breath by our mouth and exhale by nose I thought and gonna die doing that exercise when I drunk water and my mask is full of water! God knows I tried to be calm and tried to overcome that fear not to finish the exercise. I ask my instructor if we can go up once again to reduce my nervousness then when I went down again I was so relax and enjoying the scene. Its really a priceless doing that, Thanks to my friend Joyce.
Check out my next post for underwater photos!

all the underwater suit and rash guard provided by the instructor and joyce
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